Factors That Influencing Adoption of Internet Banking in Malaysia

  •  Mathavi Massilamany    
  •  Dineswary Nadarajan    


This present studies to examine the factors that influencing adoption of internet banking in Malaysia. This study consists of one dependent variable (internet banking adoption) and four independent variables (knowledge and self-efficacy, trust, security and convenience). By using a quantitative research, a simple random sampling technique is used to distribute survey questionnaires to sample size of 200 respondents around Malaysia. The result was concluded as two (2) hypotheses were supported and two (2) hypotheses were not supported. The result shown that knowledge and self-efficacy and trust do influence adoption of internet banking in Malaysia. Meanwhile, there is insufficient evidence to support that security and convenience do influence adoption of internet banking in Malaysia. Bankers and consumers may refer to this research so that they can improve competitive advantage and consumers are able to understand better about internet banking.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.