The Role of Risk Management in Enhancing the Process of Strategic Marketing Decision-Making: A Prospective Study of a Sample of Jordanian Industrial Companies

  •  Ali Falah Al-zoubi    
  •  Salman Mohammad Abulehyeh    


The study aimed at identifying the role and importance of risk management in enhancing and managing the strategic and dynamic marketing decisions that relate to strategic problems of multi-dimensions and of great depth and complexity. This kind of decision requires in-depth research of the risks and the capacity for future analysis and discussions, which deal with all hypotheses and possibilities. Thus, the decision makers are critical resource for the company. Thus, it is necessary to stress on the importance of studying risk management and its role in enhancing the strategic marketing decision-making process, which is considered a way for companies to drive the future, which is the center of this study. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, a questionnaire was designed and distributed in person on a sample of managers of industrial companies in the Jordanian private sector.45 out of 65 distributed questionnaires were found to be valid. The data were statistically analyzed and the results showed that the strategic marketing decision makers in the industrial company realize the importance of risk management and employ it in the process of strategic marketing decision-making. However, the actual management or perfect investment of risk management in the industrial sector is still limited due to the existence of obstacles and limitations concerning managers and leaders and the available technical, information and material capabilities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.