Corporate Governance: International Context and Trends from 2005 to 2015

  •  Miguel Jaimes-Valdez    
  •  Carlos A. Jacobo-Hernandez    
  •  Sergio Ochoa-Jimenez    


Corporate governance is a topic that in recent years has been related to fraud and economic crises, which could be reasons for pessimism; however, this study views it as an opportunity to improve the organizational environment. Therefore, this exploratory study is conducted with the purpose of identifying the context in which corporate governance occurs and potential international trends. The review of the literature indicates that corporate governance codes based on the model of insider information are gradually being replaced by American and British models, which are characterized by democracy, transparency, and accountability. Similarly, there is emphasis on the importance of bringing organizations and interest groups closer together and building consensus to develop activities that are in the common interest and that provide benefits to all. Finally, further studies are recommended to improve national and international standards concerning corporate governance with the aim of balancing the interests of organizations and their stakeholders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.