Conceptualization and Measurement of Market Orientation: A Review with a Roadmap for Future Research

  •  Turkan Dursun    
  •  Ceyhan Kilic    


The purpose of this study is to review the existing research on the definition, conceptualization and measurement of market orientation and to provide guidance on the direction of future research in this area. Even though the number of research studies on market orientation has increased substantially, there is still no agreement among scholars regarding how to define market orientation, how broad its scope is, and how to measure it.  Although the number of market orientation measurement scales has increased over the years, there is still limited research on how to differentiate between the various measures of market orientation. It is hoped that this review will provide researchers a deeper understanding of the scope of market orientation, help them select a suitable market orientation scale for their studies, and guide them in a more productive research path on the definition and measurement of market orientation.



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.