Study on Comprehensive Economic Contribution Caused by Development of the Natural Heritage Scenic Spot——Taking World Heritage Site Danxia Mount as an Example

  •  Liu Yi    
  •  Zhang Mengfan    


Despite the rising status of tourism industry, most of scenic spots are lack of innovation in tourism developing patterns, and tickets economy still dominate most of the region’s tourism development. Based on this background, this paper taking world heritage site Danxia Mount as an example, using input-output analysis method, introducing the theory of lateral effect, has build structure tree model for multiplier effect of consumption in scenic spot. According to the tree model, multiplier effect of consumption in natural heritage scenic spot include industry spreading effect transmitted by endogenetic route and lateral effect transmitted by exogenous route. On the basis of research results, this paper gives suggestions to government on public tourism resources of scenic spots about how to choose appropriate tourism development pattern and make reasonable price policies of scenic spots.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.