Pharmaceutical Plastic Packaging Market in Bangladesh: A Study on Demand-Supply Scenario and Strategic Imperatives for Local Enterprises

  •  Md. Abu Zafor Sadek    
  •  Sheikh Morshed Jahan    


Pharmaceutical packaging is highly sophisticated industry as quality and safety issues are of utmost priority. Use of advanced technology and high grade plastic materials for pharmaceutical packaging is essence of the market success. In Bangladesh, 30 local pharmaceuticals plastic packaging material producers are capturing almost 70% of the local market while the rest (30%) that require extremely high-tech processing is import dependent. Nevertheless, some local plastic companies are setting up world-class dedicated plant for pharmaceutical plastic packaging, while some pharmaceutical companies such as Square and Acme are extending their facility into backward value segment of the plastic packaging industry. This study strives to determine the market size, major players of the industry–both from supply and demand sides–along with individual contribution in terms of value. It also outlines strategic imperatives for growth and competitiveness of the enterprises involved in the industry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.