The Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Achieving Service Quality of Banking Sector of Jordan

  •  Marzouq Ayed Al-Qeed    
  •  Basem Yousef ALsadi    
  •  Zeyad F Al-Azzam    


Definitely, the world is becoming chaotic and affects all aspects of life. One of these is customers who become more severe in their needs, expectations, desires, and preferences. Organizations must consistently realize this issue by communicating and building effective relationships with them for better-enhancing services quality. Therefore, this study investigates the relationship between customer relationship management and service quality of Jordan banking sector. The researchers relied on descriptive and analytical approach through a survey questionnaire used to obtain data from 150 respondents who were at all levels in the 22 operating banks in Jordan, only 141 were returned but 13 of them were excluded because they were invalid for statistical analysis, only 128 questionnaires were valid and considered with a ratio of 85%. The findings revealed that a moderate level of importance in customer relationships management was apparent while an increasing awareness in the service quality of banking sector of Jordan was dominant. The study also found a strong correlation between customer relationship management -except customer satisfaction and loyalty- and the service quality of banking operated in Jordan. Additionally, results showed that a significant and statistical effects at (P<0, 05) of customer relationship management with its dimensions (customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer attraction, customer retention, customer value, customer culture, customer knowledge) in service quality of Jordan banking sector. Finally, study results revealed that customer knowledge, customer retention, and customer culture are the most influential dimensions in the services quality of Jordan banks sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.