The Influence of Competence, Organization Culture and Work Environment to Teacher’s Performance As Well As Its Implication on Grad Competence of State Senior Islam Schools on Padang City

  •  Pandi Afandi    
  •  Bambang Supeno    


The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the competence, organizational culture, work environment, performance, MAN teacher graduates competence of Padang.

This research uses methods of descriptive and explanatory survey that the nature of this research is descriptive and verification, which is collect, present, analyze and test hypotheses to obtain conclusions and suggestions by using path analysis. This research was conducted on state Senior Islam Schools On Padang City. The sample of the research were 150 respondents, represented by teachers with the total population of 245. Data were obtained 5 point ordinal scale questionnaire.

The result of data analysis show that during the descriptive analysis of teacher’s competence is moderate to good, school organizational behavior moderate to good, work environment moderate to good, teacher’s performance is moderate to good, grad competence is moderate to good. The result of verification analysis: There is a significant influence of teacher’s competence towards teacher’s performance (21 percent), school organizational behavior towards teacher’s performance (84 percent), work environment towards teacher’s performance (56 percent), teacher’s competence, school organizational behavior, work environment towards teacher’s performance (83,6 percent), teacher’s performance towards grad competence (71,2 percent) State Senior Islam Schools On City In Padang.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.