Analysis of Company Human Capital Network Based on the Cellular Automation

  •  Zirong Zhuo    
  •  Zhiwei Cheng    
  •  Yangzhou Lai    
  •  Ziyue Chen    


In the age of knowledge economy, human resource is among the most important resources for enterprises, in that it forms the unique value of human resources which plays an indispensable role in the production and operating activities. Well managed human resources can effectively promote efficiency and thus create more social values. Therefore, it has aroused wide attention in academia. The thesis first establish the human capital value model and the human cost value model, based on which the thesis established the basic framework of enterprise human capital network. Then, simulation calculation from three aspects of human resource network were carried out with the cellular automation model. Firstly, we simulated the dynamic process of the change of personnel and got the evaluation model of the human cost in the future two years of a company, which can provide reference for company cost control. Secondly, the simulation mainly focused on checking whether under high staff churn rate, a company can still maintain certain number of employees. Thirdly, we simulated the healthy status of the human resource network under certain situations. Finally, We concluded that higher staff churn rate can lead to higher vacancy rate, which will lower the efficiency of companies .The thesis also explored with the model sensitivity analysis the benefit effect over human resource network by increasing recruits, indicating that increasing recruits can decrease the vacancy rate and improve the health status of the human capital network and based on the reality, we put forward the improvement direction of the model in indicator system aspect.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.