Selected Antecedents of Consumer Attitude toward a Product in an Eco-Label Context

  •  Sven Gross    
  •  Phillip Wilson    
  •  Jie Zhang    
  •  Chris Shao    
  •  Alan Dubinsky    


Marketers’ use of eco-labels—verifying the environmental friendliness of products—has steadily grown. Earlier studies have focused on the direct influence of eco-labels on consumer purchase intention for these products. Findings from that empirical work revealed that eco-labels can have a positive impact on purchase intention. Other investigations disclosed a positive relationship between consumer attitude toward the brand and purchase intention. Based on the foregoing research efforts, the purpose of the present work was to examine selected factors that may influence consumer attitude toward eco-labeled products. The following constructs were discerned to have that impact: recognition/awareness of eco-labels, perceived credibility of the eco-label, and current purchase behavior of eco-labeled products. Environmental attitude, though, was found to be unrelated to consumer attitude toward eco-labeled products. Implications and suggestions for future research are provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.