Factors Stimulating Social Innovation in Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Evidence of Inter-Organizational Alliances in Italy

  •  Lamberto Zollo    
  •  Riccardo Rialti    
  •  Cristiano Ciappei    
  •  Massimiliano Pellegrini    


This article will focus on the meaning of social innovation, which could represent the tipping point of the modern entrepreneurship phenomenon, allowing it to reach a larger scale and increase its social benefits. After having described the definition of social entrepreneurship and how it may be influenced by inter-organizational social arrangements, we will analyze the Italian scenario, which is particularly significant for investigating inter-organizational alliances and their social outcomes. Specifically, the focus will be on inter-organizational alliances in the Region of Tuscany, underlining how the Third Sector is capable of creating both direct and indirect effects on social innovation, thus becoming a possible turning point for modern societal evolution. Consequently, the article will conclude with theoretical propositions concerning the direct and indirect effects that inter-organizational alliances have on social entrepreneurship, thus emphasizing the positive outcomes that such interactions have both on the financial equilibrium of the organizations and on their organizational structure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.