Leaders’ Image Concerns Is Moderator to Interfere with Leader Career Role and Leader Impression Management

  •  Mei-Mei Lin    


There is no same image who displayed out in the world because Leader career roles developed always leans on personal character, but it could describe as each person trend to play some a particular role. However the career role developed by nature and environment, impression management upon nurture education and skill training meanwhile involve with final result so that this work supposes career role would significant influence impression management. Hence image could be control if who would like to mold into a particular image on purpose for achievement. In addition to leaders in organization always have more pressure than employees whether performance or profit especial in such economic hardship. So that this work assumes leader career role significant affect to leader impression management and leaders’ image concerns is moderator to interfere with the relationship of these two aspects. At last this work assays hypotheses successful via structural equation modeling. According to the result, this work looks forward to make industries to clear up management problem and digs out more potential crises.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.