The Antecedents of Women Leadership in SMEs: The Malaysian Senior Female Managerial Perspective

  •  Rohani Binti Husain    
  •  Li Xiao Xiao    


Leadership emphasis on leader abilities, personality traits, influence of relationships, cognitive versus emotional orientation and individual versus collective interests (Deanne & Hartog, 2001).With the accelerate development of human civilization, women began playing indispensable leading roles in different social realm, particularly in business, society and political area. With women began playing increasing significant leading roles currently, it raised the influence of women’s leadership in organization.

In this study, through the full research of female leaders and the influential factors of women leadership, by analysing the of female leaders and through the deep assessment of women leadership, it summarized the existing achievements made by female leaders, pointed out the common problem existed in women leadership as well, and found out the relationship between leadership effectiveness of female leaders and women leadership. In general, this study summed up the dimensions of leadership effectiveness of female leaders, then concluded how these dimensions influenced on female leaders in middle management level. This research will be conducted on the basis of women senior managers in SMEs in Kuala Lumpur.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.