Entrepreneurial Orientation among Bumiputera Small and Medium Agro-Based Enterprises (BSMAEs) in West Malaysia: Policy Implication in Malaysia

  •  Amran Awang    
  •  Zainal Ariffin Ahmad    
  •  Khairul Anwar Subari    
  •  Abdul Rashid Said Asghar    


Resurgence in agricultural-based sectors in Malaysia recently has prompted this study to explore the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) patterns as an indicator to explain Malaysian agro-based enterprises. Based on 615 observations of Bumiputera small and medium agro-based enterprises (BSMAEs) in three regional growth corridors (RGCs) throughout the Peninsular. Item analysis and exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was run to segregate the pattern of EO among SMAEs. On the other hand, ANOVA and discriminant analysis indicate significant difference of EO explaining the RGCs under study. Proactiveness and autonomy orientations were found significantly explained the RGCs were discussed further. The findings suggest remodification of present policy formulation for small an medium enterprises development at regional level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.