The Customer Value Strategy in the Competitiveness of Companies

  •  Maohua Li    


By the in-depth development of economic globalization in recent years, market competition has become the focus of the fight against various companies. The survival and development of companies is not only depending on its own resources, but also relying on more value-oriented consumers. For companies around the world, their tasks are not only to take a variety of measures to deal with market risk, but also to keep pace with the trend of the times and make appropriate adjustments on the strategy and tactics of the company to deal with all problems arising from the fierce competition. With the thinking of "customer-oriented" deeply rooted in the marketing field, customer value has been regarded as a new source of companies’ competitive advantage. Therefore, customer value strategy has become an important part of companies’ strategic development strategy. In this paper, the competitive advantages and growth advantages in the competitiveness of companies will be analyzed from the orientation, implementation and carrying out of customer value.

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