Supply Chain Management as a Sustainable Performance Booster for the Accommodation Enterprises: Evidence from North Cyprus Tourism Sector

  •  Ali Öztüren    
  •  Güven Sevil    


The main purpose of the article is to assess the supply chain practices of the hotels and to reveal effects of such practices on the hotels’ performance. Supply chain applications comprise relationships of hotels with their suppliers, tourism intermediaries and customers. In order to obtain sustainable performance development, hotel management should understand the key factors that have higher contribution. This study aims to investigate these factors as sources of superior performance in the competitive market place and to provide insights for directing resources. In this sense, hotels’ performances not only analyzed in terms of financial measures, but also non-financial measures.
General conclusion of the study is that there is positive relationship between the supply chain practices of the hotels and their performance. Performance of the hotels in managing backward and forward linkages affects their success considerably that can be regarded as a source of competitive advantage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.