Factors Influencing Retail Investor’s Trading Behavior in Indian Equity Market

  •  Sashikala P.    
  •  Girish G. P.    


In this study we identify the factors which influence and affect retail investor’s trading behavior in Indian equity market. To identify the factors, we use primary data collected from retail investors belonging to different age group, professional backgrounds and demographics of India. The results of the study suggest that factors like broker’s advice, personal analysis, current price of the equity stock, financial analyst’s recommendations, inclination towards online trading; investor’s confidence in advice given by his/her financial advisor plays a major role in influencing and affecting trading behavior of retail investors. The result of the study gives insights to firms offering financial services in developing nation like India to keep these factors in mind while offering products/services or in their marketing campaigns while targeting retail investors of Indian equity market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.