Environmental Management System: Environmental Impacts and Productivity

  •  Mohamed Marouen Amiri    
  •  Hédi Noubbigh    
  •  Kamel Naoui    
  •  Nouha Choura    


Nowadays, the environmental dimension is an important factor in the managerial decisions of polluting firms. These firms are subject to regulations which are characterized by the adoption of norms and standards to ensure a minimally non-polluted environment. These norms have incited firms to adopt environmental management systems. In line with these ideas, our study aims to analyze whether the adoption of an environmental management system would improve the productivity of firms operating in the manufacturing sector. With a sample composed of French companies listed in the SBF 120, we measured productivity by specifying and estimating a Cobb-Douglas production function and then used panel data to test the impact of the adoption of an environmental management system on the productivity of manufacturing firms. We found a positive and significant relation between the implementation of an EMS and productivity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.