The Intellectual Convergence between the Forensic Audit and the External Auditor toward the Professionalism in Jordan

  •  Ala Jaber Matarneh    
  •  Usama Abdul Moneim    
  •  Munther Al-Nimer    


Many attempts (endeavors) have emerged in the Intellectual Accounting field in order to develop accounting and accounting information intellectually. The key serious attempts among them were the ones that claimed the importance of linking accounting and law, on the other hand linking accounting and the law needs from the accounting information. As a result, sincere invitations were launched (appealed) from the developed countries for the desperate need for the (Forensic Accounting) services and this very new concept (term) is totally different about Legal Accounting and about the external auditing which are undertaken by the official government departments, auditors and the chartered accountants in the private sector. Forensic Accounting outcomes offer reports to the judges that direct (lead) them for granting their judgments (decisions) for the concerned parties properly.

This study aims at searching the importance of the convergence of the intellectual between the Forensic Auditor and the External Auditor in order to reach the pioneer in accounting professionalism ultimately. Correspondingly, one of the most important conclusions of this study is that the forensic accountant’s role comes when the legal accountant fails at detecting the fraud of the financial statements, the Forensic Accountant's role comes off shortly afterwards the (fraud Auditor) but his magnificent contribution for the Forensic accountant is to translating the financial and complicated transactions and the digital data into terms and concepts which allow the public (ordinary people) to understand them effortlessly. On the other hand, one of the key recommendations of this study is the necessity of educating and raising the Jordanian legal accountants’ awareness for the Forensic Accounting and to build up the proper skills to meet its requirements as a career beside the importance of the convergence of the intellectual with the internal auditor’s insights and duties and that would be achieved by designing training courses and workshops that lead these auditors and give them the chance to contemplate the Forensic Accounting prosperities and its intellectual aims (goals).

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