Quality Improvement in a Global Competitive Marketplace- Success Story from Nigeria

  •  IRECHUKWU Nkechi Eugenia    


In today’s global competitive marketplace, the demands of customers are increasing as they require improved quality products and services. This article puts forward a framework for quality management in organizations with reference to Owena Bank in Nigeria which launched the Programme code-named “Quality is Money (QIM)”, a domesticated version of Total Quality Management and a scheme tagged “Error-Free Banking or We Pay”. For this study, the fifty six (56) organizations in Nigeria that responded represent fifty five per cent (55%) of the total number sampled. The propositions are tested using simple statistical table with responses “YES” and “NO”. The tables show that 35organizations (62.5%) have actually implemented TQM, while 32 organizations (91.4%) were successful. The results support the argument that the level of success among organizations that have implemented TQM in Nigeria is high considering the fact that three out of every four that have implemented were successful. These results should encourage organizations that are still contemplating its implementation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.