Behavioral Analysis of Investors’ Attitude towards Dividend Declaration in Developing Country–A Case of Bangladesh

  •  Leo Dewri    
  •  Md. Islam    
  •  S. M. Arifuzzaman    


Dividend paying on share is one of the most significant topics of behavioral finance and Capital Market literature. Previous research attempts to evidence on dividend declaration and investors’ perception based on developed economies. This research attempts to fill the gap between developed and developing economies on dividend deceleration of investors’ perception. The aim of this research is to investigate empirical facts on dividend clienteles in Bangladesh Capital Market as well as scrutinize the correlations among various dividend expectation and the diverse attributes of investors’ community in Bangladesh on dividend payment. Also, it aims to test theories those have previously been built concerning on dividends paying stock of investor perceptions. The study has been conducted on 250 active stratified random samples of Bangladeshi investors who provided data related to dividends preferences by conducting face to interview with structured questionnaires. This research support that there is negative association between stipulate for dividend paying stocks and investors demographic attributes in the Bangladesh Capital Market. We find that corporate managers do not consider investors expectation on dividend paying stock. The study also reveals that one of the most important determinants of dividend initiations among Bangladeshi firms are the value-weighted dividend yield in the industry. As well as investors’ perception depends on different attributes of investors’ and dividend preference.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.