The Fuzzing Evaluation on Environmental Harmonization of the Rural Building Materials

  •  Qiufei Wang    
  •  Fuchang Zhang    
  •  Jun Liu    


The rural dwelling house is not only an important component of housing construction in China, but also significant of promotion of the construction socialism new countryside. With the rapid development of urbanization of rural China, the level of urbanization in China will be close to 60% excepted by 2020, which undoubtedly bring to the rural building industry an unprecedented opportunity for development. The main problem which rural building materials faced is lack of the product performance certification. According to characteristic of customers and tendency of building material industry, the rural building materials should possess the harmonization, except basic quality performance. This paper analyzed the factors which influence on the environmental harmonization and established a fuzzing evaluation model, based on life cycle assessment. Through validation of environmental harmonization of ceramic, fuzzing evaluation method was effective and feasible to assess the rural building material environment harmonization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.