Research on the Approaches of the participation of China’s SMEs in International Trade under Financial Crisis

  •  Yanan Zhao    


Over the past 30 years, China's rapid growth of economy has been benefited from the tremendous contribution of SMEs, especially in foreign trade. However, the greatest impact of the financial crisis on China is on exports, and SMEs unavoidably is suffering hardest hit from it. Therefore, it is necessary to examine how SMEs participate in international trade under the new environment thereby contributing better and faster development to our economy. After the analysis of the development of SMEs in international trade, it has been drawn that the current trend of the overall development of SMEs in China is good, but there existing some internal problems, which will cause SMEs facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the financial crisis .As a result, SMEs should take the approaches to participate in international trade, such as adhering to independent innovation to enhance the market competitiveness of products; taking the use of operating flexibility to seek for new market space; taking full advantage of new tools to explore international market space; paying attention to avoiding trade barriers, and actively responding to anti-dumping lawsuits; actively investing abroad to conduct transnational business, etc., by which SMEs will soon be out of difficulties and fundamentally improve the depth and level of participation in international trade.

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