S&P/TSX 300 Companies’ Political Connections, Compliance with Board of Directors Regulations and Financial Performance

  •  Saidatou Dicko    
  •  Hanen Khemakhem    


Corporate governance best practices, especially when not mandated, usually mitigate risk and provide value added (Agrawal & Knober, 1996). Many authors have demonstrated a link between corporate governance and institutional and regulatory environments (Claessens & Yurtoglu, 2012; LaPorta, Lopez-de-Silanes, Shleifer & Vishny 1998; Liu, 2006; Matoussi & Jardak, 2012) and even political power (Claessens & Yurtoglu, 2012). Political connections are known to result in numerous privileges for firms, such as decreased regulatory oversight (Faccio, 2006) and improved financial performance. This paper investigates compliance with governance regulations and political connections as separate topics, as other studies have done, but also looks at their combined effect by analyzing data on the financial performance of S&P/TSX companies. Our results show that regulatory compliance alone does not significantly impact on financial performance, political connections alone have a positive and very significant effect, and both factors combined have a more positive and significant impact than they have individually. We conclude that the analysis confirms our research hypotheses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.