Design of the Electric Power Market Operating Model for Excess Electric Energy Consumption in Inner Mongolia

  •  Junfang Wu    
  •  Lei Guan    


The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China possesses abundant primary energy sources, and the quick developments of coal and electric power industry have established stable base for the high-speed growth of the economy of the autonomous region. Under the premise that the Inner Mongolia region pushed the electric power market oriented reform and established the electric power trading market, the basic principles to construct the electric power market in Inner Mongolia were discussed, and the market mode, market characters, market subject and trading mode in various phases of the grading reform were designed, and the trading type and the trading flow of the present reform phase were described in detail in the article. The research result of the article could be used for references to push the electric power market reform in Inner Mongolia Region.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.