Perceptions of Auditing and the Provision of Non-Audit Services: Case Study in Libya

  •  Nedal Sawan    
  •  Abdulaziz Alzeban    
  •  Khaled Hamuda    


This paper examines whether non audit service are associated with audit quality. In relation to the impact of
non-audit service on audit quality, the provision of NAS to audit clients was found to provide auditors with greater
experience of the client’s industry and greater access to the client’s accounting system. Additionally, such an
arrangement was considered to enhance audit quality, but simultaneously it was also believed that a separation of
NAS from audit services was desirable since auditors are perceived to have greater credibility when the
demarcation is clear. A questionnaire was used to collect data. To confirm and support the questionnaire findings
semi-structured interviews were conducted the data used for this study was collected from two sources: the
demand side (Libyan oil companies) and the supply side (audit firms working in Libya).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.