Dual-Value Driven Parallel Operating Systems and Interrelations of Resources in Social Enterprise

  •  Tzu-Yang Chang    
  •  Jersan Hu    
  •  Haw Ran Wong    


Social enterprises create both social and commercial value in society, and therefore aspire to two fundamentally
different objectives that guide their operations. This dichotomy of vision precipitates in two divergent
consequential managerial systems within these organizations. This research focuses on resolving this
contradiction in terms of organization management by adopting multiple-cases comparison method on ten
Taiwanese social enterprises, and finds that this triple bottom-line approach can be complementary, supportive,
or even contradictory, and the two kinds of markets derived from the social value and commercial exchanges
should be integrated to construct a more innovative dynamic within the organization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.