Emerging Markets Commerce: The Role of Country-of-Origin and Animosity in Purchase Intention

  •  Nadia Jiménez    
  •  Sonia San Martín    


At present, firms must face interrelated challenges in global marketing, such as the increased consumer market
internationalization and the rapid growth of emerging markets economy. In this context, the purpose of this
study is to differentiate between cognitive and affective components of the country–of-origin (reputation of firms
from a country–of-origin and animosity) and frame them as antecedents of trust and purchase intention. The
study supports the view that the reputation of firms from the country–of-origin helps to engender trust in
international markets and indirectly impacts purchase intention. Also, this study analyses the mediation role that
trust plays in the relationship between reputation of firms from the country–of-origin, consumer animosity and
purchase intention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.