Dilemma of Third World Countries - Problems Facing Pakistan Energy Crisis a Case-in-Point

  •  Muhammad Tahir Masood    
  •  Fawad Shah    


Developing countries of the world are facing enormous problems and Pakistan is no exception. Pakistan is a
developing country in South Asia which is the fourth largest populated country in the region and sixth largest
country in the world. This study on Pakistan is a case-in-point for other developing nations of the world. So, it is
important to highlight these problems including the energy crisis which has assumed serious dimensions during
the last three to four years. Pakistan is facing serious problems in almost all the sectors, but energy problem has
impacted the economic development severely. Apart from identification of the problems being faced by
Pakistan, the paper focuses on the public perception and suggestions to solve them. Lack of governance, corrupt
leaders, inadequate and faulty planning, and non-availability of speedy justice are the most critical of a long list
of problems being faced by Pakistan. Pakistan is facing energy crises in the shape of Supply /Demand gap,
Interrupted Supply, Energy losses, Energy Conservation, Quality of Energy Resources, Quality of energy
services, inefficient appliances, Lack of infrastructure, Deforestation, Environmental issues, Health issues, Low
BTU value, opportunity cost, fertilizer issues, Renewable and Nuclear Energy Promotion issues, etc. In the
paper, relevant conclusions are drawn to suggest some solutions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.