Designing a Model for Measuring Merchants’ Satisfaction in E-Mall: A Mixed Method Approach

  •  Shahriar Azizi    
  •  Jamshid Salar    
  •  Sara Langroudi    


This study aims to identify effective factors on satisfaction in e-malls and evaluating merchants` satisfaction
from performance of these e-malls. A sequential mixed methods research design (qual?Quan) was used in this
study. In qualitative phase, two focus groups were used. In this step, conceptual and exploratory content analyses
were used. Based on these analyses, authors identified 32 factors. In quantitative phase, a 39-items questionnaire
was designed. Data gathered from 123 merchants of an Iranian famous e-mall. Results showed three of four main
categories of merchants wants (market, contract and service) are important to merchants but the technical
category is not recognized as an important factor. Results also showed that degree of importance for all
categories is greater than degree of satisfaction from e-mall. This research has studied e-mall as one of the
interesting and less known models in e- commerce and effective factors on satisfaction in these models.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.