New York Dairy Farms’ Adoption of Management Tactics During the 2009 Economic Slowdown

  •  Pei Xu    
  •  Todd Lone    


New York dairy farmers’ adoption of management tactics to reduce the impacts from the economic downturn
was studied using survey data collected from 101 dairy operations in 2009. A Canonical Discriminate Analysis
was used and results indicate that managers who practice more management tactics tend to operate a larger herd,
hold a leadership position in dairy organizations, and feel pressure from the adverse economy. Prevailing tactics
dairy farms have practiced to lower production costs include: reduce feed spoilage (90%), control utility costs
(89%), reducefeed protein and additives (72% and 71% respectively), and cull cows (67%). Farm managers who
have small acreages and feel financial pressure have actively sought help from various agricultural assistance
programs, whereas larger operations have not.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.