An Analysis of Synergy Degree of Primary-Tertiary Industry System in Dujiangyan City

  •  Qizhi Yang    
  •  Fuhui Yan    
  •  Feng Ye    


According to the characteristics of complex system and the synergetic theories, authors establish the order
parameters for the primary industry system and the tertiary industry system, using order parameters describing
the order degree of industry system, constituting the model assessing the synergy degree of the primary-tertiary
complex industry system, analyzing the impact factor of system synergetic development, and studying the
synergy degree of primary-tertiary industry system in Dujiangyan City. Studies show that: there is a positive
synergy degree in the primary-tertiary industry system in Dujiangyan City, but the synergy degree is low. No
efficient synergetic relationship exists between the two industry systems. By means of adjusting the employment
structure, focusing on the development of special industries of agriculture, and developing the tertiary industry,
especially the tourism industry as the leading industry, we can improve the synergy degree of primary-tertiary
industry system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.