Research on Construction of Management and Control System of Electricity Bill Risks in Power Grid Enterprises under Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Principle

  •  Yimin Liu    
  •  Haiyang Hou    
  •  Kun Zhou    
  •  Jinpeng Liu    


As the subject of long-term stable development of the electric power industry, the power grid enterprises are
holding the important mission of power transmission. Their secure and stable operations play a very important
role in the entire electricity production and consumption system. This paper analysed the enormous profit risks
of electricity grid enterprises under the influence of implementing the current policy of energy saving and further
studied significance of constructing management and control system of electricity bill risks from aspects of
organization and institution construction, reporting system construction, information system construction,
supervision and evaluation and continuous improvement mechanism construction, as well as risk cultural system
construction. These careful studies will create favorable conditions for strengthening risk management in power
grid enterprises.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.