Quality of Worklife Human Well-being Linkage: Integrated Conceptual Framework

  •  Mohi-Adden Yahya Al-Qutop    
  •  Hussein Harrim    


Quality of work life (QWL) is not only one of the most important domains in peoples’ lives, but also affects and
shapes many of the components of the general/ total quality of life (wellness) of organizational members, as well
as other peoples at the community, national, regional and even global levels.
There has been ample research studying QWL, but very little attempts have been made to link QWL with general
wellness/ well – being. As peoples every where suffer from the many unfortunate and sad crises and outcomes
brought by organizations, QWL deserves more intensive and in-depth research, especially examining QWL
linkage with whole well – being. This paper attempts to provide a framework of guidelines to help organizations
create and develop high QWL that can enhance and promote the welfare, goodness and total wellness, not only
of organizational members, but also all other stakeholders and the broader societies at community, national and
global levels. Thus, developing and nurturing among organizational members not only good organizational
citizenship behavior, but also good national and even global citizenship behavior.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.