Evaluation of Transaction Cost of Peasant Economy in Southern Thailand

  •  Chinasak Suwan-achariya    
  •  Piyapong Chanpaso    


This research aims to study the measure of transaction cost indicators and to evaluate the transaction cost of
peasant economy. The study found that government’s operating system and policy-making was the mainspring
of peasants’ difficult being since it made those famers face with high level of the transaction cost and
subsequently leaded to lowered peasant economy’s last revenue unit. Those problems finally leaded to
permanent transaction cost which significantly impacted peasants’ lack of liquidity in capital reproduction.
The result showed that collaboration as long-term partners is an essential to generate lowered transaction cost of
peasant economy and provided the environmental condition appropriate to peasant economy conducive to
enhance their well-being in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.