Governing Territories in Turbulence with Advanced Marketing Frameworks

  •  Roberto Bruni    
  •  Annarita Colamatteo    
  •  Evgenia Nekhoda    


The world is living in a period of turbulence in terms of health and environmental emergencies, markets and societies complexity. Providing sustainable wellbeing and quality of life to population is a challenge for governments. Policy makers are searching for useful strategies to satisfying the needs of population, and forecasting problems for the future. Technology, use of data, international cooperation and networks are change-generating forces that cause effects on markets and societies and modify the design, production, and consumption of products and services. Companies manage the factors that stimulate the change, modifying or adapting their management and marketing approaches. The challenge of managing turbulence of societies and the relationship with internal and external stakeholders appears to be more difficult for governments. Including literature from sociology, geography, and business and management, a selection of multidisciplinary contributions is presented to explain the role of advanced marketing frameworks appliable by governments to overcome the complexity within territories caused by the change-generating forces. The paper presents the place marketing ‘value co-creation driven’ as a useful framework to manage the place value proposition by governments, using specific capabilities and a systemic approach.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.