Assessing Food Supply Chain Sustainability Based on the Framework of Fussy TOPSIS

  •  Bao’e Song    


Environmental degradation has been a great concern for Chinese people.  Sustainable management serves a critical avenue to solve environmental problems and has become increasingly popular and important in theoretical and practical terms. Sustainability assessment is conducive to the shift and improvement of sustainability performance. The aim of this article is to propose an evaluation framework through constructing a comparatively comprehensive set of indicators so as to measure one of the most significant yet complex supply chains. The assessment methodology is the Fuzzy TOPSIS methodology which is utilized to ascertain the weights of indicators as well as comparison of different food supply chains. The study enables stakeholders to gain a better understanding of food supply chain sustainability as well as further inform their decisions. Scholars and practitioners in the sphere of sustainable research in China could utilize the findings of the article to take corresponding countermeasures to enhance sustainability of food supply chain so as to relieve the increasingly severe environmental problems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.