The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Buying Decision Process in the Egyptian Market

  •  Amira M. Omar    
  •  Nermine Atteya    


This research examines digital marketing channels (E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Retargeting) for marketers. It analyzes the effect of these channels on the consumer buying decision process in the Egyptian market.

The author researched an online questionnaire. The questionnaires were administered based on a simple sampling method and obtained in the Egyptian market. 285 questionnaires were distributed, and 213 available samples were collected, except incomplete questionnaires, resulted in a response rate of 74.7% to all those who chose to participate. Findings indicate that e-mail has a profoundly positive influence on consumer buying decisions in two phases (post-purchase) and information research). In the purchase, the decision phase has a negative effect on customer decisions. The mobile, as a digital marketing channel, has a negative impact on consumer decisions through all the stages of the consumer buying decision process in the Egyptian market. Also, re-targeting has a high effect on consumer decisions in the evaluation stage; then, information research needs recognition, purchase decision, and post-purchase.

Targeting is the most influential variable in the consumer buying decision process. We can notice that the most significant effect on the consumer decision is in the evaluation stage, and this can be due to that the re-targeting channel directed to the consumer who has already been searching for the product.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.