The Impact of Talent Management (TM) on Counterproductive Work Behaviors (CWB) in Industrial Companies in Jordan

  •  Maan Hussein Mansour    
  •  Hazem Khaled Shehadeh    


Counterproductive work Behaviors is certainly causes high economic costs for the organizations, psychological, and social costs as well That is why, it should be well-controlled or the organizations go to a great lost. Therefore many organizations have prioritized talent management to ensure they acquire, develop and retain the right staff. The main objective of this research is to test the impact of talent management on Counterproductive work Behaviors. The questioner was used as a tool to collect information from the study sample in the industrial companies in Jordan. The results showed that there is an impact of talent management, represented in (attract talent, talent retention, talent development and career succession) on Counterproductive work behaviors represented in (sabotage, withdrawal, Deviation in production, Theft, Bribery).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.