The Application of a Managerial Competency Model in Employee Promotion—Combination of AHP and VIKOR Methodology

  •  HsienYu Shun    
  •  KuoYan Wang    


Managerial competency model is a main structure that lists competencies needed for manager’s position. This paper established a employee promotion application combined with managerial competency model and AHP-VIKOR methodology. Research was carried using qualitative and quantitative methods. The managerial competency model is explained through a literature review and internal interview is to confirm the specific competency items that suitable for case company. Research from expert panels is used to evaluate the managerial competency of the candidates in the case study. The quantitative tool was AHP and VIKOR model. AHP was applied to calculate the criteria weights of managerial competency items. VIKOR multi-criteria decision making model ranked the alternatives and the most suitable promotion candidate was selected. The results from the VIKOR model were used as the decision-making basis for the promotion of the best candidate. This research expected to use the quantitative method to support the executive management level to develop internal talent base on a objective evaluate results.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.