Production Determinants Impact among Marketing Management on Improving Marketing Mix for Livestock Wealth in Jordan: Viewpoint of Livestock Breeders

  •  Mahmud Aqel Abu Dalbouh    


The research aimed to know the "impact of marketing production determinants on improving marketing mix at livestock industry "according to the perspective on Jordanian sector marketing for "livestock breeders(LB), competitors, laws policies(LP) and due it to its importance, it focuses on addressing the limitations faced by the production of livestock sector in Jordan, the research showed public and private limitations facing the Jordanian livestock sector production and performance according to the perspective of change in market, customers and marketing activities (3).

The research dimensions consist of many variables: planning, organizing, co-operation, cost, experience, competition, nutrition sources, diseases, government support, new technology, production, and performance of the livestock wealth sector(LWS), the research population included the breeders in livestock in Jordan and supporters amounting to (25000 ), the research sample consists of (500) farmer who was randomly selected, in collecting data the researcher depends on elementary and secondary resources and supported them with related studies. The relevance needs for improving the marketing mix and the development of practical recommendations taking into account the transformations of the global market and the rapid development of innovative technologies (6).

The author had been defining the determinants of livestock wealth production effects interactive marketing management and proposed the main stages improving its marketing mix by analyzing (6) - (8) variables, which everyone will allow as an approach for improving the new marketing mix.

The research concluded that the production and performance face limitations to marketing activities in the Jordanian livestock sector and it has a gap of the management functions, changing requirements, (the gap of production, performance) with limitations as cost, experience, competition, nutrition sources, diseases, government support, all variables affecting without organizing and cooperation, The research recommended that must be reorganizing the Jordanian livestock sector, come over the determinants, and exploit a new marketing management strategy for livestock mix.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.