Research Report on Internal Audit of Unlisted Private Enterprises in Yancheng, China

  •  Wei Wei    


The rapid development of the private economy in China has put forward higher requirements for a sound supervision system in the enterprises. However, compared to the sate-owned enterprises or listed private enterprises, because of the lack of the official constraints or guidance on the internal audit, the development of internal audit in unlisted private enterprises are still facing many problems. This paper conducted questionnaire-based investigation on the unlisted private enterprises in Yancheng of Northern Jiangsu Province in China, in order to obtain detailed information related to the internal audit of unlisted private enterprises. Through the analysis on the information gathered from questionnaires and the typical study on the case of a large-scale unlisted private enterprise, SD group in Yancheng, suggestions were put forward to improve the current situation of internal audit in unlisted private enterprises in Yancheng, which also can help to promote the development of private economy in Yancheng, and thus contribute to the economic development in Jiangsu, or even in the whole China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.