Mixed Methods in Human Resource Development: Reviewing the Research Literature

  •  Asif Ali Rahman    
  •  Mohammad Omar Shiddike    


This paper is written with a novice social sciences researcher (management, education, public administration, public policy, and human resource development etc.) in mind at the graduate or doctoral level. A mixed methods research design has been made in this paper for a human resource development (HRD) project after extensively reviewing the research literature. This paper is useful for researchers who are looking for a mixed methods research design plan based on a real-world example that can be adapted to their specific research. The paper is based on a research titled, “Transfer of Training: A mixed methods research”. It explains a rationale for the use of mixed methods in an HRD project, followed by the research questions, the research methods and procedures. The paper also debates on sampling and data integration issues, data types, research instruments, data organization and cleaning, data analysis using software such as SPSS and NVIVO and issues of validity and reliability. The paper concludes with a discussion on limitations and delimitations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.