The Use of Digital Technology to Reshape the Retail Store

  •  Federica Caboni    


The creation of a retail store able to offer multidimensional experiences is one of the main challenges of the last few years. The blend of physical and digital elements permits to create a new manner to consider the evolution of a fixed retail store. The traditional retail store is able to integrate physical elements normally placed in a store with digital technology in order to create immersive experiences where people can interact with digital content by using only hand gestures and natural movements, in an interactive environment.

From literature analysis, emerged that the Internet use and digital and interactive strategies are not being exploited in a broad way in order to revitalize retail stores normally placed within an urban area. Thus, this work will provide a new point of view about a traditional retail store becomes a multidimensional place by combining physical and digital elements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.