Ethical Leadership Impact on the Turnover of Islamic Banks in Kuwait

  •  Mohammad A. O. J. Almutairi    
  •  Abdullah A. O. J. Almutairi    
  •  Ali S. S. Almarri    
  •  Bader Ali KH M. Almutairi    


This study aimed at identifying the impact of ethical leadership on work turnover in Islamic banks in Kuwait. The study population consisted of 5685 administrators working in Islamic banks in Kuwait. A random stratified sample amounting 360 administrators was selected for the purpose of questionnaire distribution. 302 questionnaires were recollected valid for analysis representing 83.9% of the total sample.

The researcher concluded several results, most notably that there is a statistically significant impact at (α≤0.05) level of ethical leadership with its dimensions (personal traits, behaviors and human relations, administrative qualities and decision-taking) in work turnover in Kuwaiti Islamic banks.

The recommendations focused on paying attention of Islamic banks managers of in Kuwait practicing ethical leadership in all fields, and studied have to provide appropriate organizational climate to maintain the continuity of competent staff in the bank and adopting training programs for Islamic banks managers that contribute in developing knowledge levels for ethical leadership practicing requirements and its role in reducing the work turnover.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.