Defining the Integrated Performance Measurement Systems in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Advanced Model

  •  Pirozzi Maria Grazia    
  •  Agliata Francesco    
  •  Tuccillo Danilo    
  •  Pirozzi Francesco    


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to propose an “Integrated Performance Measurement System” (PMS) addressing the measurement and management of the financial and non-financial performance and “Intellectual Capital” (IC) for the “Small and Medium Entreprises” (SMEs). The paper relies on the “Integrated New Model” (INM) by Pirozzi and Ferulano (2016) that deals with the same task applied to a specific sector. Thus, we propose the modification of the INM model to define a Renewed and Advanced Model called “INM*” as integrated PMS for SMEs.

Design/methodology approach: We used a qualitative method with an inductive and deductive approach to obtain an advanced model INM*. Thus, the SMEs characteristics are translated in our advanced INM* model according to the INM* structure and the IC framework. Moreover, we integrated in our proposed model INM* the “Strategic Management Accounting” (SMA) and the “Systems of Innovation” (SI) perspectives.

Findings: We proposed the advanced model INM* as integrated PMS. This is a model supporting entrepreneurial and innovative SME as well as a conceptual framework summarizing the interactions and the knowledge conversions that occur between the IC components within the innovation processes. Thus, the proposed model is a useful tool for SMEs organizations.

Originality/value: The renewed and advanced model INM* is useful in the academic and practical communities. It exhibits the advantages related to the innovative usage of a unique measurement system devoted to accomplish all the measurement tasks activated by SMEs. In addition, two other models are proposed and, in turn, are available for further research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.