Full-English Teaching Study of Audit and Assurance Service

  •  Yanhong Pang    


With the continuous enhancement of economic globalization and world economic integration as well as the further opening of the entire society, the demand for financial and economic professionals with an international perspective is on the rise. Therefore, various forms of full-English teaching have been tried in many higher education institutions. However, at present, the full-English teaching of professional courses in Chinese higher education institutions is still in the preliminary exploration stage. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of the full- English course, Audit and Assurance Service, of Nanjing Audit University, this paper summarizes the teaching practice of the full-English course of auditing from the construction of teaching team, the design of teaching contents and the evaluation methods, and so on. It hopes to provide reference for the development of full-English teaching of professional course in Chinese higher education institutions.

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