Investor Types and Company Performance through Private Placements Basing on State-Owned and -Controlled Listed Companies

  •  Li Jiaojiao    
  •  Qu Zenglong    


Theoretical and empirical analyses of listed companies owned and controlled by the state making private placement transactions during 2006 and 2013 were carried out to measure the short-term announcement effect of strategic and financial investors’ subscription for new shares in listed companies owned and controlled by the state on corporate governance and long-run performance of these listed companies. It was found that private placements had a positive influence on the performance of a state-owned and -controlled listed company as they brought new institutional investors to the company; strategic investors who subscribed for new shares in a state-owned and -controlled listed company have appeared to cause an announcement effect greater than financial investors; state-owned and -controlled listed companies that attracted strategic investors with private placements showed a higher level of corporate governance and better long-run performance in comparison to those launching private placements to financial investors only. This study reveals the differences between strategic and financial investors in their influences on short-term announcement effect, corporate governance, and long-run performance of a state-owned and -controlled listed company when they enter into private placement transactions with the company. These findings provide new perspectives on the economic consequences arising from the involvement of external institutional investors in private placements of state-owned and -controlled listed companies, which, to a certain extent, facilitate the decision-making process in private placement transactions and promote the mixed-ownership reform.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.