The Role of Learning Organization Dimensions on Enhancing Knowledge Creation: The Case of Commercial Banks Working in Jordan

  •  Nadera Hourani    


Nowadays, through the competitive business, creativity and innovation are essential elements that lead organizations to generate concepts of value, worth and be in the racetrack of worldwide competition. There was an urgent need to emerge new concepts that strengthen and fasten the speed of developing business. Important concepts are Learning Organization and Knowledge Creation, both together ensure acquiring life skills and professional stability and security through facilitating the learning process. The current study tries to seek answers that identify and explore the role of learning organization dimensions on enhancing knowledge creation. The sample consisted of all executives working in (10) commercial banks operating in Jordan featuring (134) individuals. The study found that learning organization dimensions have impact on enhancing knowledge creation. Thus, commercial banks seek to improve the team dynamics, build their skills and experiences, and builds a high performing team which reflects on the positively on the banks, and helping them to continue running effectively. The findings suggest further research must be considered about other units of analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.