Developing in Investment Environment in Jordan from the Perspective of Jordan Investments Commission

  •  Mohammad Anhier Al-Froukh    


Globalization; along with its developed technology and wide opened window has facilitated interaction between countries that surpassed import and export. Attracting foreign investments to a country is an added value which helps in developing the workforce within the country and get use from different experiences that other countries employ. From that point, current study seeks to examine the influence of a group of CSF on the investment environment in Jordan from the perspective of Jordan Investment Commission. In order to achieve the aim of study, (412) questionnaire were distributed on senior managers, managers and tram leaders within JIC. Results of study indicated that foreign direct investment is a real means to achieve a number of objectives, including: decrease unemployment, exploitation of natural resources, contribution to the increase of GDP, the abundance of goods for domestic markets, increased exports, and technology transfer. What is important to us in all this is the transfer of technology from developed countries with direct investments to the host countries of this investment, where the transfer of the most efficient and developed means of production, since the foreign investor is always looking for the greatest return through investments in other countries, Create appropriate conditions for this.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.